Eve R1 and Multitude Music

Eve R1 and Multitude Music

It’s been a busy few months since my last blog post (April 19, 2008). I have signed up with Multitude music – an independent record label in South Africa. My material will soon be made available on major online distribution websites like iTunes, beatport, Juno and others.

I’ll be working closely with fellow Trance producer/composer and multitude manager, Vaughan Phillips in this exciting endeavor so, you can expect me to up my game considerably in the next few weeks and months.

Two months of hard work, late nights and countless cups of coffee and arguing with an inanimate PC have resulted in the creation of my brand new track, Eve R1.

The track has been on my myspace profile for a week now and some people have asked me what the track title is all about. So here’s the story…

A bunch of really smart Korean Robotics guys created a robot inthe form of an attractive woman (known as an Actroid) and called her “EveR-1” – she’s pretty awesome and creepy at the same time and i felt she’d make a good track!

My obsession with machines doesn’t stop there though, work is underway for more industrial oriented music – look out for it!

That’s all for now from me – don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get all the updates as they happen!

Take Care, Hugh

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