Habitual Noise is no more

Hugh Campbell a.k.a Trance Authority & Habitual Noise. Many would agree that this is quite a mouthful for a musician or band name. I have been working under these aliases for close to 10 years and now; it is finally time to end this chapter.

Being a solo act, the use of an alias was a great way to create music and minimise the effect of occasional scathing reviews and differentiate between individual music styles, adding a unique identity or persona to the work, all in the spirit of experimentation.

I have done a lot of work under the Habitual Noise alias, much of it unpublished and unheard but vital to my growth and development as an artist. Throughout this experimentation, I eventually borrowed elements from this alias and fused them with my other material; hence, eliminating the purpose of the Habitual Noise alias altogether.

So it’s official (well, as official as these things can get) Habitual Noise is no more, let go, fired, sacked, given the boot and unceremoniously dumped into the historical archives. Online profiles have been deleted and musician names edited.

Epitaph for Habitual Noise

“Here lies Habitual Noise,
HN was a pretty cool guy – eh didn’t afraid of anything

HN never won the Internets but tried to at least 9000 times
Hard drugs, hookers and street violence epitomised HN

He will not be missed
May he burn in the fiery depths of hell – hoorah!”

A commemorative set of HN tracks will be made available on my website.

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