Whats behind 2022’s new beats?

It’s been a while, but I have completed a few new tracks so far this year. As with all my tracks, I create a story with a series of moods and expressions. Perhaps I can translate these tales into words on this platform, so here goes…

A Dreamless Slumber

Somewhere between the veil of the waking world and the calm near-death of sleep. I wait for my dreams. There are brief moments when I sense them around me, in the dark and empty spaces. The promise of dreams, so close, yet, forever out of reach.

My eyes and ears open to the waking, living world. Better luck next time I guess.

Choose Your Champion

Primal fear grips the inhabitants of these lands. Ancient beings speak of cosmic truths far beyond the grasp of small, squishy grey-matter. They speak from deep within the earth. Only the bravest (or foolish) of champions dare too seek out this cosmic knowledge.

*Consult your local shaman / soothsayer / medicine person before undertaking any vision-quests.

Luck D20

Some time in the future, a standard issue, simple industrial service robot decides to take a vacation for the very first time since it rolled off the assembly line. Our robot friend decides to take in world as an average human would. A walk in the park, buying a lottery ticket, and splashing in a motel swimming pool. Doesn’t hurt to get out once in a while…

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