Update 18 October 2009

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and regained a spiritual, mental and physical balance for the week ahead! It’s been a busy few weeks with new releases on Multitude Music and a few new projects nearing completion.

New Releases:

Morne V feat. Romy Ann – Show me who you are

Fellow Multitude musician and Imaginarium DJ, Morne V a.k.a. Trypsinogen has a brand new release, “Show me who you are” featuring the vocals of the talented Romy-Ann. The release includes remixes by myself, Michael Teixeira and Vaughan Phillips a.k.a. Syntrax. You can purchase “Show me who you are” right now from most major online stores.

Here are a few links:

The Comedown Machine

My second release on Multitude Music and first artist album, “The Comedown Machine”. This diverse album features various genres and musical styles associated with electronic music. Deep progressive trance tracks like “The Comedown 2009”, “Journey Machine” and a collaboration with the talented Michelle Freeman in “Neon Rising” to the unusual and hard hitting “CX3” and the uplifting “Deus ex Machina”. I like to think of this album as an aural exploration of the various musical styles that have inspired my work over the years.

“The Comedown Machine” will be available on the 30th of October 2009 in most major online stores. You can listen to a preview of the 11 track release on my SoundCloud page by visiting this URL: http://soundcloud.com/hugh_campbell/the-comedown-machine-preview. There you will also find the complete track list. Downloadable album artwork is also available in the “Downloads” section on my website: http://www.tamusic.co.nr .

Until next time, take care and have a great week!
Hugh Campbell


Habitual Noise is no more

Hugh Campbell a.k.a Trance Authority & Habitual Noise. Many would agree that this is quite a mouthful for a musician or band name. I have been working under these aliases for close to 10 years and now; it is finally time to end this chapter.

Being a solo act, the use of an alias was a great way to create music and minimise the effect of occasional scathing reviews and differentiate between individual music styles, adding a unique identity or persona to the work, all in the spirit of experimentation.

I have done a lot of work under the Habitual Noise alias, much of it unpublished and unheard but vital to my growth and development as an artist. Throughout this experimentation, I eventually borrowed elements from this alias and fused them with my other material; hence, eliminating the purpose of the Habitual Noise alias altogether.

So it’s official (well, as official as these things can get) Habitual Noise is no more, let go, fired, sacked, given the boot and unceremoniously dumped into the historical archives. Online profiles have been deleted and musician names edited.

Epitaph for Habitual Noise

“Here lies Habitual Noise,
HN was a pretty cool guy – eh didn’t afraid of anything

HN never won the Internets but tried to at least 9000 times
Hard drugs, hookers and street violence epitomised HN

He will not be missed
May he burn in the fiery depths of hell – hoorah!”

A commemorative set of HN tracks will be made available on my website.

Remix Deus ex Machina

If there’s one thing I enjoy almost as much as creating music, it’s doing remixes. A few months ago, I created a track called “Deus ex Machina” a steady trance track which you can take a shot at remixing!

I have compiled a remix kit for the track, containing a whole bunch of samples for you to manipulate, warp, and mangle to your heart’s content.

Details and guidlines are included in the remix kit along with a free MP3 of the original track.

I hope you enjoy remixing Deus ex Machina as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Download the remix kit here

Neon Rising with Michelle Freeman

Neon Rising is a brand new track created by myself and the very talented Michelle Freeman.

The track will soon be made available through Multitude Music and in the meantime, you can listen to it on my myspace profile, my website and on Reverbnation.

Another track nearing completion is “Journey machine” look out for it!

My second release through Multitude Music is well under way – The Comedown machine will feature 11 of my best tracks, many of which have been remastered and reworked!

Take care!
Hugh Campbell

Eve R1 and Multitude Music

Eve R1 and Multitude Music

It’s been a busy few months since my last blog post (April 19, 2008). I have signed up with Multitude music – an independent record label in South Africa. My material will soon be made available on major online distribution websites like iTunes, beatport, Juno and others.

I’ll be working closely with fellow Trance producer/composer and multitude manager, Vaughan Phillips in this exciting endeavor so, you can expect me to up my game considerably in the next few weeks and months.

Two months of hard work, late nights and countless cups of coffee and arguing with an inanimate PC have resulted in the creation of my brand new track, Eve R1.

The track has been on my myspace profile for a week now and some people have asked me what the track title is all about. So here’s the story…

A bunch of really smart Korean Robotics guys created a robot inthe form of an attractive woman (known as an Actroid) and called her “EveR-1” – she’s pretty awesome and creepy at the same time and i felt she’d make a good track!

My obsession with machines doesn’t stop there though, work is underway for more industrial oriented music – look out for it!

That’s all for now from me – don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get all the updates as they happen!

Take Care, Hugh

Monolith – mangled electronic chaos

Thundering kick drums, bizarre glitchy-ness and the return of my creepy electronic vocals! Monolith is my new track falling somewhere in the great messy genre pool of IDM, Industrial, Electro and even tribal (who needs genre’s anyway?)

Remixes, hell, I never seem to stop doing those but sometimes they yield their rewards. I recently entered the Emendy remix competition (Emendy is a music colledge and store stocking equipment for music and post production). I won the competition and received my prize this week – tutorial DVDs on Audio mastering. So now, hopefully, I can brush up on those skills and your ears will stop bleeding!

That’s it for now, Hope you all had a great weekend!



Hi everyone

I have a brand new track available as a free download! It’s called “Utopian”


For a higher quality download – visit my website at www.tamusic.co.nr

The Track is also available at the following sites:
podsafe music network

Comments and crit are really appreciated as always

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!


Two Red Pills and Updates

Hi everyone 🙂

After many months of some creative inactivity, I have finally got back into the swing of things musically. The first of these projects being my newest project – “Two Red Pills”. The track is available on myMyspace Music Profile and my website at www.tamusic.co.nr as a free download.

two red pills

Another track “Perpetual” is also near completion. It’s a hard-hitting Industrial Techno hybrid and I’m really looking forward to putting this one out there when it’s complete!

There are loads of other projects in the pipeline, such as scores and other musical arrangements for a film and console game soundtrack – I’ll shed more light on those as soon as things gain more momentum there.

My website has been redesigned and work is underway for a monthly (eventually more frequent) podcast featuring my personal selection of Independent electronic music from across the globe. The tracklists will be exclusively Independent – no big labels, no bullshit, just great indie music 😉

I’m very new to podcasts – so if anyone has advice and a few tips and tricks – they are really appreciated 🙂

That’s all from me for now!

Take care


10 January 2008
A long overdue greeting!

So.. it’s a new year (can’t quite recall what happened to the last one..) and, of course, with every new year – there should be a shedding of the old to make room for the new! My website has been updated with a new look and feel and the free MP3 downloads are finally available again (the file hosting service I was using has been shut down recently)

New tracks will be available soon as well, so check out the MP3 downloads section frequently!

Hope you all had a great festive season and best wishes for the rest of 2008 – w00t!

Cheers – Hugh