Hi everyone

I have a brand new track available as a free download! It’s called “Utopian”


For a higher quality download – visit my website at www.tamusic.co.nr

The Track is also available at the following sites:
podsafe music network

Comments and crit are really appreciated as always

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!


Two Red Pills and Updates

Hi everyone 🙂

After many months of some creative inactivity, I have finally got back into the swing of things musically. The first of these projects being my newest project – “Two Red Pills”. The track is available on myMyspace Music Profile and my website at www.tamusic.co.nr as a free download.

two red pills

Another track “Perpetual” is also near completion. It’s a hard-hitting Industrial Techno hybrid and I’m really looking forward to putting this one out there when it’s complete!

There are loads of other projects in the pipeline, such as scores and other musical arrangements for a film and console game soundtrack – I’ll shed more light on those as soon as things gain more momentum there.

My website has been redesigned and work is underway for a monthly (eventually more frequent) podcast featuring my personal selection of Independent electronic music from across the globe. The tracklists will be exclusively Independent – no big labels, no bullshit, just great indie music 😉

I’m very new to podcasts – so if anyone has advice and a few tips and tricks – they are really appreciated 🙂

That’s all from me for now!

Take care


10 January 2008
A long overdue greeting!

So.. it’s a new year (can’t quite recall what happened to the last one..) and, of course, with every new year – there should be a shedding of the old to make room for the new! My website has been updated with a new look and feel and the free MP3 downloads are finally available again (the file hosting service I was using has been shut down recently)

New tracks will be available soon as well, so check out the MP3 downloads section frequently!

Hope you all had a great festive season and best wishes for the rest of 2008 – w00t!

Cheers – Hugh