After almost a year of inactivity, I have finally completed work on a new track. “Hypernova”. Much has happened during my musical absence. A change in career, new relationships, new friends and a new home to name but a few life-changing events, all of which have inspired a new phase of enlightenment and personal growth as a person and as an artist.

Hypernova is the resulting explosion of these new energies and in it’s wake, more projects will follow. The track is available as a free download from my website at http://www.tamusic.co.nr/downloads .

More projects in the pipeline include 2 new remixes of Vaughan Phillips’ “Flatlined” and “Into the light” as well as a collaboration with the talented Michelle Freeman a.k.a The Pianist. Details on these and other projects will be available in my next update.

Don’t forget, you can purchase my artist album, “The Comedown Machine” from your favourite download stores now!

Take care!

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